Custom Prefab Induction Loop PFIL-AAA-BBB-CCCC

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AAA is the loop height in cm, BBB is the loop width in cm, CCCC is the length of the supply cable in cm

 ♦ Prefabricated induction loop: AAAxBBB cm, supply line CCCC cm
To fix the loop it is supplied with: 4x screw, 4x plug, 4x nail
♦ Number of turns: D (number is determined by loop circumference)
♦ Cable with silicone insulation, supply line twisted
♦ Can be laid directly in concrete
♦ Can be laid directly in asphalt (max. Temp. 220 °C / 428 °F)
♦ Can be laid directly in the sand bed under the paving stones
♦ Loop and supply line in 1 piece, so no connections = no short circuit
♦ Induction loop is delivered folded, so transport is not a problem

Prefabricated induction loop available in ALL DIMENSIONS
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Andorra EUR 353,98
Austria EUR 16,25
Belgium EUR 7,61
Bulgaria EUR 27,88 BGN 57,25
Croatia EUR 34,45 HRK 274,45
Cyprus EUR 331,67
Czech Republic EUR 27,88 CZK 779,88
Denmark EUR 16,25 DKK 127,50
Estonia EUR 27,88
Finland EUR 27,88
France EUR 11,90
Germany EUR 7,61
Greece EUR 37,91
Hungary EUR 27,88 HUF 9.934,75
Ireland EUR 21,10
Italy EUR 21,19
Latvia EUR 27,88
Liechtenstein EUR 20,38
Lithuania EUR 27,88
Luxembourg EUR 11,90
Malta EUR 331,67
Monaco EUR 21,19
Netherlands EUR 6,09
Norway EUR 46,05 NOK 550,89
Poland EUR 16,25 PLN 74,97
Portugal EUR 20,81
Romania EUR 27,88 RON 141,28
San Marino EUR 21,19
Slovakia EUR 27,88
Slovenia EUR 27,88
Spain EUR 21,19
Sweden EUR 16,25 SEK 184,73
Switzerland EUR 31,70 CHF 35,13
United Kingdom EUR 11,90 GBP 11,38
Vatican EUR 21,19

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