Loopdetector LVD-D2-120

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♦ Vehicle detector for 2 loops and 120 VAC 60 Hz
♦ Advantage 2 loops: no interference between nearby loops
♦ Detection of trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
♦ For barriers, traffic light installations, gates, doors, fences, etc.
Plus: counting vehicles; determine driving direction; reversing detection
♦ 2 output relays with multiple functions, such as Pulse and Presence
♦ Setting options with DIP switches on the front, including:
Sensitivity/loop in 4 steps; Frequency/loop in 2 steps; ASB ON/OFF
Permanent Presence ON/OFF; Input Filter ON/OFF
♦ 2 green LEDs on front: loop indication + installation support
♦ Loop inputs protected against lightning by thyristors
♦ Certificates: CE (Europe) and FCC (U.S.A., Canada)

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Bulgaria EUR 27,88 BGN 57,25
Croatia EUR 34,45 HRK 274,45
Cyprus EUR 331,67
Czech Republic EUR 27,88 CZK 779,88
Denmark EUR 16,25 DKK 127,50
Estonia EUR 27,88
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France EUR 11,90
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Greece EUR 37,91
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Italy EUR 21,19
Latvia EUR 27,88
Liechtenstein EUR 20,38
Lithuania EUR 27,88
Luxembourg EUR 11,90
Malta EUR 331,67
Monaco EUR 21,19
Netherlands EUR 6,09
Norway EUR 46,05 NOK 550,89
Poland EUR 16,25 PLN 74,97
Portugal EUR 20,81
Romania EUR 27,88 RON 141,28
San Marino EUR 21,19
Slovakia EUR 27,88
Slovenia EUR 27,88
Spain EUR 21,19
Sweden EUR 16,25 SEK 184,73
Switzerland EUR 31,70 CHF 35,13
United Kingdom EUR 11,90 GBP 11,38
Vatican EUR 21,19


Functional-(*) and Pin-(**)compatible with the following loop detectors:

DIABLO ControlsDSP-20
TENET ShenzenPD-0232, PD-0234

Functional-(*) but not Pin-(**)compatible with the following loop detectors:

AGD SystemsAGD520-500-01, AGD520-517-001, AGD520-310-001
AGD SystemsAGD250-500-001, AGD520-517-001, AGD520-310-001
AOPU IndustriesTLD-410
BEA Industrial10MATRIXS-Series
Bft AutomationLD-200, LD202
EMX IndustriesULT-MPV-2U
FEIG IndustriesVEK MNE2 A t/m G
NOBLE Optic Co.LD-200, LD-202, LD-205, LD-206
NORTECH InternationalPD232, PD234, PD260, PD270
PROCON ElectronicsLD200
RENO A&EAX2-Series
SWARCO Traffic Systems (Weiss Electronic)IG326
WITT SensoricLoop 2C-11

(*) Functional compatible means that the basic functions are present, like: pulse on detect, pulse on un-detect, limited presence, frequency shift, sensitivity in steps, automatic sensitivity (ASB). Some types may have more possibilities or wider ranges (frequency, sensitivity, etc.). Only functionally compatible means that the wiring must be (partly) adapted.

((**) Pin-compatible means that the wiring is identical. So, you can just plug this detector in the socket of the brands and type numbers mentioned. The wiring does not need to be adapted, but do not forget to check the supply voltage!

Note: DVM International B.V. is not responsible for possible errors in the list with compatible detectors above. You always have to check yourself the exact specifications of the detector to be replaced. We appreciate it if you pass us errors in these compatibility lists, so that we can improve these lists.

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